“Pinnacle Rehab is amazing. Danny & Chrissy are in this business to truly help others feel better. My son became a double amputee a year ago. Chrissy took time to get Scott walking with his prosthetics. She never gave up on him. While I was waiting for Scott, Danny noticed I was in pain and the next thing I knew, I was going for therapy. Danny, Chrissy, & Sean are wonderful. They take the time to listen, not rush you.  They will make a difference in your life.”

Janice N., Physical Therapy & Acupuncture Patient

“I became a patient of Chrissy and Danny’s after an illness that caused me to become a double amputee. My goals upon starting my treatment at Pinnacle was to begin walking without my walker and work on my balance and mobility. My last goal was to be able to climb the Freedom Tower less than 4 months later. Immediately upon hearing this and realizing I wasn’t kidding, Chrissy implemented a workout routine and Danny decided he wouldn’t let me limb alone. Over the past year they have been more than just physical therapists but have become family. Their devotion to their patients goes above and beyond. Last Year I’ve completed 74 floors and this year Chrissy is joining us to get to 104. Thank you guys for everything you continue to do for me, my family and all of your patients.”-Scott N., Physical Therapy Patient

Scott N., Physical Therapy Patient

“My experience with Sean at Pinnacle has been amazing from start to finish. The staff is very warm, friendly and accommodating. Sean is an excellent therapist and has gone above and beyond my expectations.” –Heather S., Physical Therapy Patient

“I have been going to Pinnacle for a few months with 2 issues, my right knee and my left shoulder. Dan and all of his staff are very nice and helpful with all of my needs. After coming for those months I can truly say that my knee and shoulder feel a lot better now than in the beginning; actually feel better now than they have in a long time”

Matthew M., Physical Therapy Patient

“Cait is very knowledgeable, understanding and proactive, not only towards the rehabilitation of my injuries, but also my personal goals and expectations of my recovery. I highly recommend Pinnacle!”

Steve C., Physical Therapy Patient

“I can’t say enough about Max’s experience at Pinnacle these past several weeks, especially from a skeptical 14 year old. He loved every visit and everyone there. Thank you and Danny so much for making our first PT experience a success. I’ve voted Pinnacle Best of 2018 on APP and will continue to. Hope you guys win- you’re the best. Thank you so much!!”

Mary M., Parent of Physical Therapy Patient

“I came to Pinnacle for what I thought was just an issue with mobility in my elbow when I went over head for clean & jerk and snatches. After seeing Danny and the team at Pinnacle, I learned so much about my body, we took a holistic approach and worked on fixing my upper body mobility issues. Danny and the team gave me the confidence I needed to compete in my first Olympic weightlifting competition. I look like a different person when I lift from before I started. I continue to get stronger with more mobility. Coming to Pinnacle was one of the best decisions I made as an athlete. Thank you for your help and support!”

Danielle D., Physical Therapy & Acupuncture Patient

“Pinnacle Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine has done it all for me. During my treatments I have been able to train with intensity and under heavy volume, knowing tat Pinnacle is there for me to keep my body functioning well. Not only is this important to me as a CrossFit athlete, nut as my career as a firefighter. I would not be able to work the physically demanding career I have, nor be able to do the training regiment without their assistance.”

Ryan D., Physical Therapy & Acupuncture Patient

“I started at Pinnacle because of a low back injury from CrossFit. In no time, my low back pain was gone. Cait then changed the focus to the shoulder which was the root of the problem. While fixing my shoulder, I began to pay more attention to my posture. I did not realize how my posture was affecting my lifting. As my posture improved, my lifts became “easier”. I began using muscles that I normally was not using, which put me in better positions to lift more. These guys are super knowledgeable and have been essential to improving my weightlifting. Thanks!!”

Jennifer D., Physical Therapy Patient

“My 4 year old son has been seeing Ms. Kate for a few months now. She’s so kind, gentle, and patient with him. The entire staff is so welcoming and warm. We are so pleased with the high quality service at Pinnacle!! ❤️” – Jennifer M.

Jennifer M., Parent of a Physical Therapy Patient
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